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4/7/99 - Day Four Posting - Greetings from Dulzura, CA!

In the picture, Yvonne, Bob W., Bruce, James (two thumbs up) and Jean are in the water. Sitting at poolside are Jay and Beulah.

Greetings from Dulzura, California!!!

What a day for rejoicing! How lucky we are!!!

Yesterday afternoon we were visited with a gentle, but steady rain. All weather forecasters promised rain for the next four days (in the area we plan to travel) ... but weather people have been wrong in the past ... who was to say if rain would actually come today???

I awoke at 2:00 a.m. just to look out the window to check on the weather. Well, it was still raining, so I decided not to let it worry me. Happily, I fell right back to sleep. At 6:00 a.m. I awoke again and as I dressed, I could see the rain had stopped. As we loaded our gear in the sag wagon we could see both dark clouds and blue sky. (Dark clouds predominating!) However, off we rode to breakfast at a local cafe ... they even served the egg substitutes!!! My "eggs" were delicious (and in the confines of Women’s Health Initiative!!!) also had a nice bowl of fresh fruit!!. As we left the cafe and readied for today's trip, someone said "Oh look! A rainbow!" Sure enough, there, arched above us was a rainbow! (harbinger of good things to come!). So off we rode, the whole pack of us ... most in rain gear of one sort or another. And the rains came .... and a little hail came, too! However, not much and not long!!! We actually rode in and out of rain much of the day ... however, it must be reported that we enjoyed less rain than we expected.

We passed a long, long line of runners ... probably Marines out on training. (I had to keep an eye on my roommate, Nadine ... keeping her from following them!!! Daughter Christina has very appropriate words for the muscular young men we passed......)

A little confusion in the early goings, and we were able to re-group with no long out-of-the-way travel. The route was pretty easy to follow, and the scenery along the way was, as my mom would have said "Oh, so romantish!" My kids will know what Nannie said so often when we took her on trips! I truly felt she rode on my shoulder all day today! It was curvy and hilly .... just the kind she loved the most!!!

We had one rest/food break and our darling Helen (sag driver & daughter of Al and Jan - our leaders) provided us with the most scrumptious snacks!!! I can't imagine not gaining weight on this trip, the way we are eating!

I am especially happy to report that so far I am keeping up with the riders. It is so exhilarating to ride along ... truly, my heart soars like an eagle!!!

We finally reached this fantastic bread and breakfast (with hot tub!!!) and after bathing and hot tubbing, enjoyed a gourmet dinner prepared by the master chef here at the B&B.

Tomorrow we can expect to be climbing most of the day ... and I look forward to the challenge! It would be nice if it doesn't rain, but that's in hands other than mine!

I can't complain about anything .... except maybe the hoards of border patrol vans and cars we saw today, and the poor Mexicans who were huddled together in the rear of one. Pray for them, please. They looked so vulnerable.

And so it is to bed early tonight ... to be ready for the big ride tomorrow ... I carry each of you in my heart and ride in joy and thanksgiving!

Especially I appreciate your good prayers on our behalf.

Our dear leader, Al, while taking a picture today (this morning) slipped on some sand, fell and broke some bones in his hand/wrist ... he is in a cast and they will determine the full extent of his injuries when next he gets X-rayed... in the meantime, he will be "side lined" for awhile.

Other than his injury, the rest of us are fine and doing well!



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