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Heritage Christian School

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Educational 支持 服务 (ESS)

Heritage Christian School is located in 印第安纳波利斯, IN.

Each child’s mind is uniquely created by God and for His purpose. This uniqueness includes strengths and weaknesses.

教育支持服务承认学习差异,并提供各种各样的项目, intervention strategies, 以及满足特殊儿童学习需求和挑战的教学方法.

支持 extends to the teachers and families of children who learn differently.

Through a team effort, 有学习差异的孩子将成为成功和独立的学习者,他们将认识到上帝赋予他们的能力,并发挥上帝设计的潜力.

Educational 支持 服务 工作人员

200+ students are enrolled in programs with ESS

100-150 students have either an academic or medical WIP

15 ESS team members (faculty and staff) serve our students

注意: ESS programs require an additional fee for participation. 十大靠谱网投平台坚信这些项目的价值,并理解一些家庭可能负担不起额外的费用. 的refore, we offer financial assistance for families who may need help affording these programs for their children.

ESS项目 & 服务

ESS Classroom



For more information about Educational 支持 服务 at Heritage, contact ESS Director, 朱莉高, 在朱莉.hight@bike70th.com or (317) 849-3441 ext. 5168.