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Welcome to Kathleen's CAR 8 Ride (California AIDS Ride 8).  

Why I ride....

     Take your time to explore my Web site.  Visit the In Memoriam. page on which I have listed the valiant friends who succumbed to this dread disease. It is in their memory and in their honor I ride. If you know of someone who died of AIDS and would like me to ride in their honor, please let me know. I will ride in their name with or without donations.

The word


is only scary because we look at it the wrong way…

I'm possible

     On June 3, 2001, I'll ride a bicycle for 7 days, 575 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles with over 2,700 other people in an event called California AIDS Ride 8 (CAR8) to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. I will ride as a member of Team Road Hackers.
What I need....
     I've agreed to raise $2,700.00 in pledges between now and May 11th, 2001. I need your help! Would you make a fully tax-deductible pledge?   Point your browser to Donors. This secure link will take you to the official AIDS ride site. The form will automatically contain my rider number, #2580. I will be automatically notified of the donation. You will receive a receipt directly from the AIDS ride site by email. On this page, you can pledge whatever amount you can to help me meet my goal. Please look the form over and designate the amount that's right for you. (No pledge too small - any amount will be much appreciated!)

All of the people listed on my "sponsor" page did help me create a rainbow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You can see from this graph of the contributions I needed in order to participate in the California AIDS Ride, that my goal has been reached! On Friday, May 4th, I received the last $50 that took me to the goal. Since then I have received even more donations!

There are many others who have trained diligently and hard for nearly a year in order to participate in this ride. But for one reason or other they have not reached the $2700. Since all the donations go to the San Francisco Aids Foundation, I plan to direct any extra donations above the $2700 goal, to those people who are still short.

Last August, I began sending out "begging letters". I had no large corporations to match any donations, but I was lucky. The people (and business organizations) whose names appear on the "Sponsor" page, reached deep down into their hearts and pockets and came up with fantastic responses. It just seems right for me to share that magnanimity with others who have worked as hard (maybe harder) than I. All donations will benefit AIDs research and outreach. That's what we're all working for - an end to AIDS.


     Over 43,000 Americans have died of AIDS in the United States in the last 19 years. Now more people are living with AIDS than ever before. In the light of that, I felt it was time for me to do something big --- something seemingly impossible. I hope that you'll be a partner with me in this effort.

     Please take a look at all the individuals and businesses that have pledged the money I need in order to be an AIDS 2001 Rider! It is strong evidence that the California Aids Ride 8 ride is not just the actual riders who are performing a good deed. The people listed on my Sponsors list have "put their money where their mouth is" and are as integral to the success of the ride as the training and actual pedaling that riders like myself will do. Deep and genuine thanks to every person who has pledged money. I ride in their honor, too.

     Follow the riders from our gathering point at Ft. Mason (in San Francisco) on June 3rd, for the seven days of this journey. All 3,000 riders plus friends and relatives who will send us off will meet early in the morning. Cyclists will travel south, along the coast. Once we reach Santa Cruz, we'll head to the interior and then head south again. We'll ride along the beautiful Pacific Coast as often as we can, but we will experience hills, mountains, valleys, plains and most of the geological wonders of which California is so famous.

     Thanks to GoAmerica, I will document this journey with daily updates, beginning June 3, 2001. See Journals for daily up-dates.

     There will be pictures from along the way to document the many people who are involved in this great undertaking. I hope to load the pictures at the end of each day.

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